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Front of suburban home

Real Estate

Sellers and buyers of residential, commercial and rural acreage can all benefit from the images and information obtained from using drone photography. This imagery is an powerful tool for buyers moving to a new area, second homeowners, and those researching home buying and prices. Additionally, drones can capture the look of commercial properties or large parcels of land that can be let down by traditional photography.

Construction site overview

Construction progress

Get daily, weekly, or monthly progress reports on your new build, your subcontractor's work, or your remodeling project. With site overviews, or focus on individual structures or areas, drones can make daily/weekly/monthly comparisons easy and affordable without spending your time on a site visit.

Top view of a house and yard

Surveying & Mapping

Using a drone and associated software we can produce accurate orthomosaic maps, oblique, and nadir images of an area. This technology allows us to stitch together multiple photos into a single, accurate image used in professional mapping and surveying.

Close up of a shingle roof

Roof Inspection/Insurance

High definition photos can spot roof damage, storm damage, and other situations as proof for insurance purposes. Quotes, repairs, and documentation can all be performed quickly and safely using aerial photography with 20 megapixel images.

Oil Refinery at night

Industrial Inspection

Aerial drone photo and video is a cost-effective and safe alternative to manual visual inspection. Our drones can fly and map complex 3-D structures at almost any location. Refineries, power plants, telecommunications towers can all be inspected and documented.

Trout swimming in a lake

Underwater Imaging

Underwater drones can inspect submerged infrastructure, retrieve lost objects, and take photos and videos below the water line. Underwater drone services can be used in locations too small or dangerous for a human SCUBA crew. A remote controlled arm with claw allows manipulation of objects and reliable retrieval of visible items.

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